Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What happened to December

Wow! I just realized that I missed a whole month of December on my blog. It was busy, but I will try not to let that happen again in the new year. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. My husband and I were sick with a cold over Christmas, but we still managed to enjoy the season. Santa was very good to us. Santa even started a new collection for me. These are called vase heads. The heads are hollow to allow you to put flowers in them. I love them.
Lots of quilt stuff as well. Its going to be so much fun working on all these quilts this year.

A couple new hangers for some small quilts. So cute.

My girls know Mom loves her quilting. Thanks girls.

More fabric. Can't wait to come up with quilts with these.

I love these quilt kits. I always have a hard time choosing fabric and always bring my husband along, as he is very good with color. He picked these out and he did a super job. Thanks honey.
I don't know about you girls, but I love magazines and pattern books. Sometimes its just a chance to dream, or wonder how they are able to put the perfect fabric together for their quilts or actually make some of the patterns.
My step daughter and her husband gave us this beautiful book for Christmas. We absolutely love it. It is filled with pictures of their family. She did it on line and then they shipped the hardcover book to her. It's amazing what you can do on the computer. She did a fantastic job and we love looking through the book. Which we have done quite a few times already. Thanks Melanie and Bill.
Well as you can see Santa knows me well. I hope you all have a wonderfull and healthy New Year. See you next year.