Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Day That Changed Our Town

It was Sunday, August 21, 2011 4:00 PM. We live in a small town of 8500. Our downtown is unique in that it is in the shape of a circle with side streets running off of the main circle. In the center of the circle is our courthouse, with beautiful trees and a gazebo surrounding it.

My honey and I moved here 5 years ago, and we LOVE this town. But on August 21, an F3 tornado came through and did so much damage, I think it will be some time before everyone gets over the shock. The following picture is what our downtown looks like now.
One man at our salt mine lost his life, and many others were injured. So many businesses damaged and questions as to will they be able to restore them. I worry because they were so old, but that is what gave our downtown so much character.

 We were so lucky, just a lot of raking and a damaged window well cover. But many homes were badly damaged. Tarps on lots of roofs, homes demolished and waiting to be rebuilt, lives turned upside down, and many folks still without income from the buisinesses that were damaged.

But I'm sure in time,  we will be different looking town, but still have the great town we have grown to love.

This Christmas it would be wonderful if you could include our town in your prayers. We will need strength to get through this.

I have included this video of our town before and after this tragedy.