Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Can't Wait For Spring

I'm tired of my blog heading picture. As soon as this snow leaves I'll be changing that. After finding the blog Living Life at Leehaven, I have fallen in love with civil war fabrics. I have a list of quilting things I like, to help my husband when he is shopping for me, and I put those fabrics on the list. He is such a good man. He is very good at putting fabrics together when I'm planning a quilt. I, on the other hand have not mastered this at all. And he loves the way Lee 's fabric choices go together so well.

This is the project that I am currently working on. There will be small flowers appliqued in each of the four corners. I just can't decide on the fabrics for the center. Maybe I need to alter the pattern in the center with something other than the eight 2 1/2 x4 1/2 strips. I also think if I finish the applique, the center will come to me. And now that I look at the picture, I'm not sure I'm happy with the corner blocks. Oh, when will the madness end.
Have a great day,