Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Computer and Some Quilting

Yes. That's right, I got a new computer. My first laptop. Where do I keep it, you ask? Why in my quilting room, of course. I've always wanted one because they are so portable. I would love to sit outside on the deck, and read all the blogs I follow, but the sun and the temps haven't been cooperating. But towards the end of the week, the sun is expected to shine, and with a four day weekend, you know where I'll be. I'm so glad my hubby let me pick out which ever one I wanted. I Love him. Now he has his computer for blogging and I have mine. Thank you Baby, big time.

And here she is


On the quilting front, I did go to the quilt show I mention in my last post. There wasn't much there for me, so my honey drove me to one of my favorite quilt shops. They have quite a selection of reproduction fabric that I love, so I managed to pick up a few kits. I wanted to make some small quilts to hang on my quilt room walls.I 've already completed one small quillt.

I really enjoyed making this one. Hand sewing all the wool circles on was so relaxing. It is the first time I combined wool and cotton, and I really like the effect.

The one I'm working on now is another small one I purchased at the same quilt store. The picture belows shows the center just about completed. Just sewing the final strip on. Even though there are a lot of little squares (1inch finished), this quilt was sew easy. The pattern asked to sew 10 assorted strips together. Next you sew the first and last sides together to form a tube. After this you cut your tube into 11/2 inch rings. The last step is to open each ring's seam at a differnet seam so you have the above effect. Cool.

So now I'm off to finish it, then go to work, then come home to enjoy a four day weekend. Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and family, and to all my other friends, enjoy your weekend.
Thanks for looking in.