Sunday, May 10, 2009

Busy Spring

Sorry I haven't blogged for awhile. Our spring has finally arrived, and there is so much to do. My honey, (Pete), decided our backyard needed some gardens. So this is the first one he has been working on. Its huge and he will be placing walking stones through the center, so we will be able to do fun things like weeding.

Also we have a fireplace in the yard, which needs to be repainted again because these things rust so easy. So we needed a little patio area for this. We laid out the stones which took some time. We felt we were doing a challenge from the tv show survivor. Then we had to lift all that sod and cover the area with gravel. Now as soon as we have a nice day we have to move the stones over to the patio. Yes, we took a close up photo of the stones, just in case we forget how to put the puzzle back together

We will need something to sit on while we sit by the fire in the evening, so we figured a couple of adirondak chairs would be nice. It is my job to put them together and stain them to protect them from the rain .Right now they are still in the box.

We have purchased lots of perrienals for the garden, but with the risk of frost lately, we will have to wait to plant them.
What's on my design wall?

This quilt top is done. Just waiting for me to decide how to quilt and color of thread.

This one just needs the border finished. The pattern called for one fabric to be used, and I thought I would try for a scrappy border instead so the border wouldn't dominate the center.

And lastly I would like to wish all Mom's a Happy Mothers Day. My daughter and her boyfriend sent me this, and I love it . It will be right on my sewing desk, since that is where I spend so much time.