Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Backyard Makeover Continued

For some reason, blogger wouldn't let me add anymore pictures. So I'm trying again.
Our new back yard.

And he must of done something right, because when we came home today, this is what we found in our garden..

Towns and cities in Canada participate in Communities in bloom. Judges go around and pick a few gardens they like. Then on Friday, there will be judges coming to town. They will be here to judge our town against other towns our size, to determine which is the prettiest town in Canada. I hope our town is picked, since it really is the prettiest town in Canada.

Backyard Makeover

Well its been a long haul for my Hubby, but he completed his "vision" for our backyard. He began his work on May 1 and completed it July 23. Pretty darn good. It is amazing. I'll start with some before pictures, so you can appreciate all the hard work he did.

Now, the big reveal. WOW! My hubby worked hard and he should be very proud of himself.
For some reason I had to post the next pictures in a separate post. Below this entry you will find the reveal.