Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A New Beginning

I'm back now. I got blogger all figured out. My loving husband has his blog http://oldtoycollection.blogspot.com/ , and I have mine. If you like to know about toys and memories of the 50's and  60's, check it out . He is doing a great job and enjoying it so much. Sometimes he has to stop himself from posting too much in one day. (Can't give them too much all at once). I am so proud of him for learning all about blogs, computers, taking digital pictures, uploading them, editing posts and all this without asking for any help. You've come along way Baby.

The town St. Jacobs in Ontario is having their yearly quilt show this weekend. As well, they have a quilt annex with vendors selling lots of fabric, books and notions. I can't wait. Its difficult to find the reproduction fabric I love, new notions I find on the internet, as well as the latest books and patterns in my area of the world, so I get so excited at the prospect of seeing all of the things the quilt annex will have waiting for me. Honey, bring your wallet please lol. Yes, I'm bringing the camera to take pictures of our day there.

I am currently hand quilting a table topper kit my honey bought for me from Fons and Porter. It is on the cover of the Sept/Oct 2009 issue.

Sorry the picture is a little fuzzy. The picture of the completed topper won't be.
Until next time, keep quilting

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