Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Blogger Tutorial

I thought my hubby would like to start a blog, since he used to faithfully keep a journal. Once I showed him how, he took to it like a duck takes to water. The link to his site is . He is doing a terrific job, has learned alot more about uploading and downloading, taking photos and he is the fastest typer with one finger that I have ever
 After 144 posts since he started last year, he noticed that I am not  updating MY blog so much. So I'm going to try to better about this. I did want to share something I recently learned about blogger. I like to click on pictures in other blogs, so that when they enlarge I can see details that I otherwise wouldn't see. Details like color of thread, machine quilting pattern and especially when reading a blog tutorial. Sometimes I am looking at photos showing the steps involved and I can't otherwise see what the writer is talking about, until I click on the picture to enlarge and then I get it. Lately blogger had changed this so when I click on a picture I get basicly the same size picture surronded by black. They call this Lightbox. Now they have a way to disable this feature if you want to go back to the way we used to enlarge pictures. First you go to Settings then click Post and Comments. Where you see "Showcase images with Lightbox" check no and save settings. Easy.
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Lori said...

That is a good thing to know. Blogger has also changed to 2 word, word verification. You have it and it makes it very hard to leave comments. I made a blog post on it that you may want to read. (I say this in the very nicest of ways!)